What We Believe

US Constitution

  • The US Constitution, as written, is the foundation of our laws and our government.

Limited Government

  • The least amount of governance necessary to guarantee our rights will result in the greatest freedom for individuals.

Freedom of Religion

  • The Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, not from religion
  • Individuals are free to practice their religion as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.

2nd Amendment

  • US citizens have a constitutionally protected right to own firearms.
  • The vast majority of guns are owned by law-abiding citizens.


  • The US Constitution outlines the powers of the US government. All other powers are reserved to the states.
  • The founders intended that the states were another check on the power of the federal government. That check has been eroded over the last 50 years.

Free Market Capitalism

  • The rule-of-law and free-market capitalism have resulted in the greatest gains in standards of living of any political-economic system in the history of the world.
  • Over regulation of individuals and businesses results in loss of jobs and freedoms.

Equality of Opportunity not Outcome

  • Our free-market system means that individuals and organizations are free to succeed, but also to fail.
  • Redistribution of wealth is not fair to those who have worked hard, nor to those who become dependent on others.


  • While safety-nets for the truly needy are important, individuals must take responsibility for their own well-being.
  • Parents have both a right and a responsibility to raise their children to be productive citizens.

Election Integrity

  • Voter ID laws are one step to insure the integrity of our elections.


  • Control of education, including curriculum, belongs at the local level.

Legal Immigration

  • Borders must be secured immediately.
  • The United States has a right to determine who is allowed to come into this county.
  • The immigration and visa system in the US should be streamlined.
  • An effective and efficient guest worker program should be developed to allow citizens of other countries to legally work temporarily in the US, and then return home.