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What You Can Do

Dear Congressman/Senator (Insert appropriate title, name, here)

As a registered voter in the State of Texas, I am adamantly opposed to the provisions of the proposed “For the People Act”.

  • The Bill strips power from the States and hands it to the Federal government which is unconstitutional.
  • The Act’s requirements for same-day voter registration for federal elections and permitting voters to make changes to their registration at the polls destroys the ability of local elections officials to ensure voter integrity by eliminating opportunities to verify residency and citizenship requirements.
  • Automatic voter registration infringes on an individual’s authority to make the decision to register and requires them to take action to undo what the state has done in their name.  This provision is obviously an effort to enhance Democratic turnout without any concern for ballot integrity.
  • As evidenced in our most recent national election, vote by mail practices in several states were invitations to fraud and error.   The vote by mail practice proven so effective in the state of Texas should become the standard for the nation!  Efforts to mail ballots to every registered voter are an invitation to fraud and abuse.
  • Prohibiting or restricting elections officials’ efforts to remove ineligible voters from the rolls interferes with their ability to perform their duties in a timely and accurately manner.  Likewise, electronic registration with no requirement for signature makes it impossible to validate the identity of the person registering online and does not provide for a penalty for falsifying a registration or subsequent vote cast.
  • Voting machines must be manufactured, operated, and owned in the U.S.  At no time, should voting information be transmitted to individuals or entities outside the U.S.  Voting machines should undergo rigorous security testing and approval before being utilized in any election in the U.S.
  • Any effort to utilize public financing for campaigns or require organizations to disclose their donors should be opposed.
  • Efforts to overturn the Supreme Court Citizens United decision via a constitutional amendment should be ardently rejected.